Admission Policy

Admission of juniors, in accordance with the Institute of Sport and Recreation Management guidelines, our policy is as follows:

  • Children under 8 years and non-swimmers under the age of 11 years must be accompanied in the water by a competent person aged 16 or over.
  • Swimmers aged 8 years or over may be allowed in the pool unaccompanied. However, if the Lifeguard is not satisfied with the standard of swimming the child will be asked to leave the pool for their own safety.
  • No eating before swimming 
  • A competent swimmer aged 16 or over can be responsible for up to two children under the age of 8 years in the water.
  • All lifeguards on duty by the pool are responsible for the safety of the bathers and their instructions must be followed. Occasionally it may be necessary to eject a customer in order to protect their own and other's safety – the shift leader will be made aware of the circumstances.

Busy Periods

During busy periods it may be necessary for safety reasons to introduce a queuing system into the pool. This will be done via coloured wrist bands. The minimum swimming time having bought a ticket will be 1hour and 15 minutes.

Nappy Policy

For Health & Safety reasons, all babies and children who are not potty trained must wear a swimming nappy when using the pool. Swimming nappies can be purchased from Reception.


It is advised that you should refrain from swimming if you have had diarrhoea in the last 14 days.

Flume Rules

  • No person under 0.6m to ride the flume
  • Children between 0.6m and 1.2m must ride the flume with an adult
  • Swimmers must be over 1.2m to ride the flume on their own

Please remember, these guidelines are for the safety and enjoyment of all pool users. Prices and times are subject to change without prior notice. Management decisions on access and usage are final.

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