You, Your Sleep, and Fitness

You, Your Sleep, and Fitness

Published - 16th Jul

You, Your Sleep, and Fitness
Good sleep and fitness go hand in hand; they are almost inseparable. Adequate rest improves the overall body fitness, which in turn, ensures that one gets essential sleep at night to help the body recover and rejuvenate. When you work on one, then it automatically improves the other. There are many ways through which sleep enhances fitness and here are some of them.

Good Sleep Keeps Excess Weight at Bay
Most adults require between six and nine hours of sleep per night, according to the NHS.  When you get less sleep than what is recommended your body loses the ability to use insulin properly. When this accumulates in the body it is converted into fats which in turn makes you add unnecessary weight, thus negating all the hard work you put in at the gym. Sleeping correctly helps to stabilize insulin levels in the body preventing any fat storage.

You Reap More from Your Workouts
Going to the gym for a workout requires effort and dedication. You need to be fresh and to have eaten well before walking to your local fitness centre, but this is challenging when you're feeling groggy. You need at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep for a fulfilling workout the next day. Going to the gym sleepy and tired is not only dangerous physically, but it rolls back all the hard work you have put into exercising.

Good Sleep Aids in Recovery
A good work out at the gym usually leaves an individual tired. Rather than throwing yourself into another strenuous activity it is advisable to get a good night's rest to allow your body muscles to mend themselves after a hard day of stretching and tearing. Coming up with a routine for this is essential as your body will be able to adjust itself to your schedule.

Boosts Focus and Improves Mental Health
Fitness does not apply to the body only; mental fortitude is a form of fitness and sleep is the easiest and the most appropriate way of improving it. Experiencing a good night's rest allows your brain to rest and recharge. When it powers itself down for a bit, it ensures that by the next day you will be vibrant, lively and focused on everything you do.

Other benefits
Besides improving your fitness sleep is generally an enjoyable activity, a time where you give your body some peace so it can take break from all the rigorous activities that occur in life. A body that is fit is a body that lasts longer and falls ill less often.

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