Torbay Businesses Embracing International Culture

Torbay Businesses Embracing International Culture

Published - 24th Feb

Torbay welcomes over 900 international students a year undertaking short-term internships at carefully selected local businesses. 

As a result, local companies are able to gain new insights into different cultures and business practices.

The Riviera International Centre is a firm supporter of The Training Partnership Ltd (TTPL), who co-ordinate work placements and recently welcomed Yasmin from Switzerland into their Sales and Marketing Department. 20-year-old Yasmin began a 3-month placement in January and will be at the Riviera International Centre until 28th March.

“I really enjoy working at the Riviera Centre", said Yasmin. “It’s interesting for me to gain additional work experience in another part of the world whilst improving my language skills. Being able to speak fluent English will certainly be a great benefit for my future career in Switzerland as there are various International firms.”

The students are welcomed all year round with the peak season between May and September. Industry placements vary considerably from retail to engineering, enabling employers to gain motivated students with specialist skills and for students to have relevant practical insight. Students levels of English vary and some undertake an English course alongside or before their placement.

Ian Smith, UK Business Development Manager at TTPL: “In selecting a potential company we look for many things, all dependant on the trainee’s needs. The company must first have the desire to help the student and demonstrate that they want to be involved for the right reasons. There must be a suitable work station, a minimum level of safety and care and usually a designated person who will take responsibility to mentor the trainee or student.”

For more information about how a student could suit your business needs contact The Training Partnership on 01803 321210 or visit

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