Take Action Now To Keep Your Heart Healthy for Life

Take Action Now To Keep Your Heart Healthy for Life

Published - 21st Sep

Many people take their heart health for granted until they have an adverse medical event. That approach costs people their lives and increases the burden on the Healthcare System. Ideally, most adults would educate themselves about how to keep their hearts healthy and focus on making heart-healthy lifestyle choices as they age. Thankfully, it is never too late to start taking care of your heart. A few small changes to your daily life can protect you and your heart for years to come.

Give Up Smoking for Significant Health Benefits

Smoking puts a lot of strain on your heart. It can cause many different kinds of long-term health consequences, not the least of which is decreased lung function and increased risk for cancer. Every time you light up, it has a negative impact on your heart and your cardiovascular system.

Smoking can also hurt the lining of your arteries, which can lead to increased development of fatty material in the arteries, potentially leading to a heart attack or even a stroke. Committing to ending your nicotine habit could go a long way toward improving the health of your heart and your overall well-being.

Eating Right Overall Is Important as Well

While leafy greens often won't be as appealing to many as fried fish and chips, healthy foods should be a part of your daily life. You can still enjoy the foods that you love while taking steps to keep your heart healthy. The truth is, you don't have to give up fatty foods and the things that you enjoy eating. You just need to balance them carefully with plant-based nutrients.

Even if the salad doesn't appeal to you, there are other ways to get plenty of fruit and veg in your diet.  Get creative and do your best to emphasise plant-based foods in your daily meals, while also limiting the cholesterol in your foods. That can do a lot to help your overall health, as well as your heart.

Small Movements Can Help Keep Your Heart and Body Healthy

If you look online about exercise, you will likely find that there are lots of contradicting opinions about what form of exercise is best. The truth is, whether you choose to do aerobics, interval training, or even weightlifting, regular exercise is important and beneficial.

Anything that increases your heart rate and engages your muscles is good for you, even scrubbing the floor. Commit to regular physical activity, even if it's just relaxing yoga or a daily walk. Aim for about 150 minutes of activity each week at a moderate level of intensity. That could reduce your risk of death or heart attack by between 20 to 30%.

Taking steps now to protect your heart can benefit you and your loved ones for years to come. Don't shy away from investing in your house now. After all, your heart is the hardest-working muscle in your body. It deserves a little love from you. Making me small adjustments to your daily life could have a profound impact on your quality and length of life.

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