Student placements financially supporting families

Student placements financially supporting families

Published - 21st Jul

Foreign student placements are proving to be a win-win deal for not only businesses seeking cost effective staffing solutions but for the students and host families alike.

One of Torquay’s largest European work experience companies; The Training Partnership, has had a busy start to 2012 and this has helped provide vital cash supplements to households who have hosted the foreign students.

“With around 700 – 800 students each year the host families are the first to see the financial benefit. Students have an average stay of around 6 weeks so at an average of 750 means about 4500 bed nights in South Devon. The money we pay to hosts is mostly spent in and around Torbay on the usual expenses of having house guests – food/entertainment, another huge benefit to the local economy”, declared Ian Smith, Work Placement Manager at the Training Partnership.

In addition, host families are able to gain a rare insight into different cultures without having to leave the sanctuary of their own home and develop lifetime friendships.

Ian continued: "In my opinion the financial benefit of hosting students is a secondary benefit. The primary being the cultural and social benefits of expanding their own experience and that of their family and the undoubted pleasure that is taken from helping change someone’s life. That is the real reason we all do this.”

The Riviera International Centre is one of many organisations who have embraced student placements by welcoming their third European student, Alexandra Prundeanu. The Centre has offered a 3 month position to Alexandra within their Sales and Marketing Department and after a few weeks they are already reaping the benefits of her placement.

“We have high expectations from Alexandra, said Katherine Sobey, Marketing Executive at the Riviera Centre, “as she has already proven to be very capable and responsible in handling essential admin tasks. We would highly recommend student placements to others as Alexandra, like her two predecessors, is fluent in English and has advanced computer skills.

Alexandra is in the final year of her International Business degree which she is studying in Romania; her home country. 

"Being my first visit to the UK, I was unsure of what to expect, said Alexandra, "however, after meeting the staff at the Riviera International Centre, I immediately felt at home. I am sure my stay here will be enjoyable and my skills will improve as the team is very supportive.”

For more information on the Training Partnership please visit or call 01803 321 210.

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