Olympic fever encouraging all towards a healthy finish line!

Olympic fever encouraging all towards a healthy finish line!

Published - 21st Jul

With the Olympics looming around the corner, the importance of exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle has been pushed further into the spotlight.   This has been linked to a surge in patients seeking support from their local GP to achieve a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Fit Bay Steering Group is the organisation that GP’s are referring their patients to and they have seen a significant rise in applicants enrolling on their 10 week GP Referral programme. The supervised exercise programme has been designed to help participants discover the benefits of exercising with the help of qualified instructors in locations all around the country.

Torquay based gym; Lifestyle Health & Fitness Suite, located within the Riviera International Centre is one of 9 centres in Torbay that are part of GP Referral Scheme. On average Lifestyle Health & Fitness Suite see around 8 to 10 referrals complete their programme each quarter, however between April & June this year they had 19.

“Lifestyle has run a very successful GP Referral Programme since January 2005 working with a variety of people with all kinds of medical conditions”, said Colin Pemberton, Lifestyle Health & Fitness Suite Manager. “We are dedicated to helping people back to good health as well as motivating them back to their workplace.”

Roland Gerard aged 79 is one of many who have benefited from the programme run at Lifestyle Health & Fitness Suite.

"Completing the programme helped me to lose over two stone, said RoIand. "And following several visits to Torbay hospital recently the Doctors remarked that due to my regular visits to the gym my heart was in a good condition.  The programme was designed by my instructor Darren and he also provided me with support and advice. I am more than grateful for all the tuition while I was on the programme and I have now been a Lifestyle Member for 6 years.”

“Exercising is the most beneficial drug you can be on and since everyone is prone to medical conditions, why not take your dose while it can still make a difference, said Colin.”

Could YOU benefit from a more active lifestyle? For more information on the GP Referral Scheme click here or consult your family doctor.

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