Must-Have Fitness Equipment to Help You Work Out On the Go

Must-Have Fitness Equipment to Help You Work Out On the Go

Published - 16th Jan

People in the UK are not nearly as fit as they should be because they are either overworked, too tired, travel too much, or simply do not have the time to exercise, according to a recent survey. This is extremely concerning considering that 64.3% of adults in the UK qualify as either overweight or obese. While a gym membership may be useful, it is definitely not the only way to get fit and remain healthy. Home exercise regimes are being readily embraced by individuals who not only might not have the budget for a gym membership, but who need to be flexible in their exercises due to time restraints. Whether you are setting up a home gym or are looking for ways to exercise on the go, investing in a few handy pieces of equipment can prove to be very beneficial.

Gymnastic rings are all the rage

Gymnastic rings have become increasingly popular as far as home fitness is concerned thanks to gymnasts such as Courtney Tulloch and Nile Wilson, who are almost as well known for their sculpted physiques as for their sporting achievements. Apart from building muscle in the upper body, gymnastic rings can also help train both your legs and core by allowing you to perform aerial versions of popular movements such as crunches and lunges. According to Harvard Health, conditioning your core will not only improve your posture but also amplify the efficiency of your workout while reducing the risk of injury. Gymnastic rings are also lightweight, require minimum storage space, and can be suspended from just about any solid structure, making them the perfect piece of exercise equipment to use at home or on the go.

Jump ropes remain relevant

Rope jumping maybe a popular playground game in the UK, but it is also a very beneficial, high-intensity cardio workout. A jump rope can easily be carried around in a briefcase or handbag and can literally be used just about anywhere. Research has found that jumping rope has the potential to burn as much as 1,300 calories per hour while raising your heart rate to up to three times faster than most other aerobic activities including swimming and running. Apart from the immense physical benefits of rope jumping, it can also aid in the development of both the right and left brain hemispheres that can boost everything from your reading skills and memory to enhancing spatial awareness and improving mental alertness.

Resistance bands

Due to their portability, resistance bands are ideal for anyone who is not willing to neglect their exercise regime while traveling.  A resistance band or two can be used in the smallest spaces imaginable to give both your upper and lower body a superb workout. Resistance bands typically come in various levels of resistance which makes them suitable for any fitness level. Although most quality resistance bands will come complete with suggested exercises, it is both possible and beneficial to adapt popular exercises such as bicep curls and lateral arm raises to make use of resistance bands instead of weights.

Acquiring portable exercise equipment is a very worthy investment in your own health and well-being. Even if you only invest in a single item at a time you are bound to see and feel your body becoming leaner and stronger with regular exercise.

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