Making Fitness Fun for the Whole Family

Making Fitness Fun for the Whole Family

Published - 3rd Nov

At the Riviera Centre, we support a lifetime of healthy living. From Waves Leisure Pool where under three's swim for free and our Junior Gym Membership through to our 50+ exercise classes we are here for your lifelong health. 

As adults, we tend to be aware of our dietary and fitness requirements in order to stay healthy, but as parents, we often neglect to stay abreast of the same where our children are concerned. According to the National Health Services, in order to maintain a basic level of health, children and young adults between the ages of 5 and 18 need at least one hour of physical activity every day which should range from moderate activity such as playground activities to vigorous activities such as tennis and running.

Being physically active and leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle is of vital importance from an early age. Not only does following a healthy diet and engaging in exercise increase heart health but it also reduces stress, improves sleep and increases learning and attention. The preferences and habits children develop early on in their lives will influence their choices and behaviour well into adulthood, making it vital to establish good health habits from an early age. You can incorporate fitness into your family’s routine by either joining an all-inclusive fitness and wellbeing club or creatively making do with the facilities you have at your disposal at home.

Family Fitness Ideas

There are a number of physical activities that the entire family can take part in:

Go for a walk

Walking is the ideal way to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine. Not only can the whole family take part but it is also free of charge and can be done almost anywhere. Taking a walk around the neighbourhood is the ideal way to reflect about the day and will not only help you and your family re-energise before attempting chores such as cooking supper and doing homework, but will also improve everything from cardiovascular health and digestion. Leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle does not need to be complicated with even the smallest of changes making a big difference in the long-run.

Engage in healthy habits & hobbies

Most parents have a list of things they want to do when their children grow older, but why wait?  Want to take up swimming again? Why not turn it into a fun activity for the whole family? Does the thought of dancing excite you? Teach your children the moves and dance with them around the house. You will be surprised to find that many adult fitness activities can become enjoyable for the whole family.

Minimise screen time and remember that outdoor activities are fun

Depending on the season, of course, there are countless outdoor activities that can contribute greatly to your family’s level of fitness. Riding bikes, swimming, flying kites and even having snowball fights in winter are all fun outdoor activities that will give the entire family a good work out. Even children who are prone to spending most of their free time in front of electronic devices like televisions and cell phones will take to outdoor activities faster if the entire family is involved. While you don’t need to eliminate screen time all together try to minimise it to an hour a day by removing TV’s from bedrooms and encouraging children to be active during ad breaks.

Realising the importance of a healthy lifestyle and actively doing something about it are two entirely different things. Most families have more commitments than time on their hands making it hard to initiate any lifestyle changes. One way to incorporate health and fitness into a busy family lifestyle is to make it a family effort which will not only benefit everyone within the family but will also set an excellent example for the younger children.

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