Break the cycle - achieve your goals!

Break the cycle - achieve your goals!

Published - 15th Nov

It’s that typical time of year when everyone is prompted to start thinking about making a fresh start – be it a new look, a new wardrobe, or the most common resolution; to lose weight. But so often these resolutions are abandoned before Spring even comes around. So how can you keep yourself on track and make 2012 the year that breaks the cycle? We’ve asked Lifestyle Health & Fitness Manager Colin Pemberton to share some of his expert top tips:

  • “Having an end goal to strive towards is the most fundamental tactic to help you track your progress and ultimately achieve your goal.
  • When setting your fitness goals make sure they are specific, measurable and above all realistic.
  • Goals can be qualitative or quantitative, for instance to fit into your favourite jeans or lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks.
  • Be sure to make both short term and long term goals to motivate you towards achieving your end goal. For instance short term goals can include toning up your arms or improving your endurance, where as an end goal can include running a half marathon.
  • Set aside rewards that you can treat yourself to following your workout, for instance how about a manicure at our in-house Beauty Room or a relaxing massage with our in-house Sports Masseur.
  • Another tactic to help keep you motivated is to ensure you include a variety of different activities as part of your workout, for instance swimming, cardio cycling, an aerobics class or a workout in the gym – all of which you can do at Lifestyle Health & Fitness Suite.”

To find out more about Lifestyle Health & Fitness Suite’s facilities visit:

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