Published - 29th Aug

Here’s our top tips on how to keep your delegates not just awake, but engaged with your conference throughout the day.


Variety is the spice of life after all! If your morning session is a heavy, detailed presentation with a relatively inert speaker then make sure your following breakout is a light workshop with a team element and opportunity for your delegates to chat and enjoy themselves.


This is especially useful when you have a conference spanning several days, if you select a different theme for each day this will help to tie the information that you’re providing together in the minds of your delegates, making it easier to engage with and to remember!


Although it’s tempting to fill your schedule with back to back sessions it’s often more productive to have conference wide break times where all the delegates congregate, ready to share their experience and rest from the information they’ve been given. Time to digest information is key in ensuring that delegates understand and remember, a topic that has been discussed is much more likely to be remembered than one that hasn’t been engaged with.


The schedule, the sessions, the breaks, the lunch menu, it is very important to keep all of this information as concise and accessible as possible. Delegates will need all of their mental power for the day to engage with your conference content – you don’t want them to waste it trying to decipher unclear instructions on where to get their lunch!


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