A Flaming Good Time

A Flaming Good Time

Published - 29th Jul

Torquay’s famous flaming wok is due to make a re-appearance on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th as part of the Bay Brasserie’s Around the World Theme Nights. The Theme Nights have been designed to inspire and enrich diner’s multicultural taste buds by enabling them to sample different cuisines from different countries without even needing a passport.

The wok will be located on the Bay Brasserie’s terrace and diners are invited to help themselves to a plateful of fresh ingredients which will be flame cooked right in front of their eyes.

Oriental starter dishes include Peking crispy duck salad and hot & sour pork spare ribs. Main course will be served buffet style with a selection of options including chicken, spare ribs, beef, turkey, squid rings, shell mussels and Chinese vegetables which will be cooked in the wok by the Bay Brasserie’s Head Chef. The meal will be rounded off with choices such as Hong Kong style egg tart, star anis custard tart and apple & honey fritters. To view the menu in full click here.

“The wok is essential to retain the natural taste, flavour, and colour of oriental ingredients, said Steve Pask, Head Chef at the Riviera International Centre. “Its shape directs the heat to the food whilst sealing in the flavours allowing the food to be cooked evenly. It also requires less oil than pan frying so it is a healthier way to cook oriental dishes.”

Next on the Bay Brasserie’s theme night calendar will be their Greek Night which will take place on Saturday 16th September and feature an authentic 3-course Greek meal, music and decorations.

Each theme night is priced at £20 and must be booked in advance. To book call 01803 206337. 

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