Swimming Timetable

School Holidays

Please remember there are different opening times and flume operating times during the school holidays. If you select the correct date from the calendar icon on the top right of the timetable you will be able to plan ahead for your upcoming visit. 

We follow the Devon School Holidays determined by the council when deciding our opening times. 

Dip 'n' Dine 

Swim in Waves Leisure Pool and enjoy a meal in the Aqua Lounge afterwards! We follow the advice given by health professionals and advise people not to eat and then swim for at least 45 minutes.

Fun Session 

The following rules apply to the use of boats during our Fun Sessions

  • No over 11’s to use the boats
  • Boats are not to be used past 1.1m depth
  • Boats must be put to the sides during the waves


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