Promoting Health and Wellbeing Event

Promoting Health and Wellbeing Event

05 Jul 2018

a Health and Wellbeing Event supports

  • People living with cancer to seek information beyond the secondary care environment by the provision of accurate, relevant and trustworthy information. 
  • A more systematic and proactive approach to cancer care and rehabilitation to aid recovery, improving outcomes for people living with cancer. This will reduce unnecessary use of health and social care resources. This will allow and support people to live a healthy and active lifestyle. 
  • A greater emphasis on empowering people to manage their own care by giving them the appropriate information and support to do so. 
  • Shift the focus from a standard 'one size fits all' approach to one where follow-up care is truly patient-centered and where clinical, psychosocial and practical needs are assessed and managed effectively. This proactive approach will help improve the patient experience, avoid unnecessary appointments and avoid unplanned admissions. Achieving this balance between quality and cost is a key consideration for both commissioners and providers. 
  • The cultural shift in the approach to care and support for people affected by cancer and act as a transition to supported self-management and survivorship. 
  • People who report feeling isolated and abandoned at the end of treatment[6],[7]. This can be helped with better information and support. 
  • Opportunities to promote healthy lifestyle advice and self-management skills. 
  • Group delivery of information, which means peer support will be more cost-effective. 
  • Opportunities for carers to seek the information they need to offer support to their relatives or friends.

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