Paddling in Waves Leisure Pool

Paddling in Waves Leisure Pool

Published - 17th May

A team of students undertaking an Adventure and Outdoor Education course at South Devon College have been putting in extra hours at Waves Leisure Pool to develop their kayaking skills. The students led by Ryan Moore, who previously worked as a lifeguard at Waves Leisure Pool, have enjoyed the heated and calm water enabling them to practice throughout winter and spring.

“Although the sea conditions are very rarely as placid as those in a swimming pool - undertaking exercises out at sea such as rolling just wouldn’t have been possible during the dark winter evenings. “These practice sessions have provided the students with the opportunity to build their confidence and consolidate their skills in preparation for the outdoor elements.”

If you would like more information on hiring Waves Leisure Pool please contact Leisure Pool Manager Tanya Brimicombe on 01803 206309.

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