New Habits

New Habits

Published - 16th May

We’ve all got our bad habits, but it’s time to start getting good habits that will help with organising events. Whether you’re starting from scratch on a new gala dinner or simply repeating your annual meeting, these good habits will increase the success of your event.

Don’t settle, be different

Do you want more than just tea and coffee breaks, like buzz breaks where delegates take part in simple aerobic sessions? Talk to your venue about events that have been held there and special things that have been tried successfully by other event organisers. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but you can still find something that your delegates will talk about the next day.

A great way to stand out is to personalise the experience, from dinner to décor you want every aspect of the delegate journey to sing your company name and keep your organisations' goals and values at the forefront of their mind.

Do your research

Every company you use has the ability to enhance the experience or let down your entire event. Make sure you check testimonials or get referrals for all your vendors from the event dressers to the sound engineers – and most importantly the venue!

The RICC have a host of partner companies that you can rely on to ensure your event is a success, but if you want something truly unique make sure you check over the company and their standard of service. If you find one trusted vendor, ask for their advice. Events often involve a variety of companies so most of them will have a good idea of who will help your event to sink or swim.

Plan ahead

The early bird catches the worm, got your meeting, course or event out there at least 6 months beforehand. Make sure all of your potential delegates know what you have planned and that the vendors that you’re using are not only booked but actively promoting your event. Delegates may need to get approval from their management or directors, approval for funding to attend and to arrange their own schedule around a trip if they are not local.

It’s much easier to manage your event if you have a good plan of when certain communications will go out, how many tickets you want to have sold by what point, dates you plan to follow up unconverted leads and if you want to offer a discount to specific industry areas to encourage their participation.

Not sure whether you’re cut out for all of this? Don’t worry, host your event at the RICC and our dedicated event coordinators are here to help.

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