Deaf Friendly Swimming Lessons at Waves Leisure Pool

Deaf Friendly Swimming Lessons at Waves Leisure Pool

Published - 23rd Nov

Swim Teachers at Waves Leisure Pool, located within the Riviera International Centre, are now one of the few teachers qualified to teach deaf friendly Swimming Lessons in the South West.

Swim Teachers Jacquie Lovett and Jacqui Goad undertook the course on Sunday 4th November which involved different activities for deaf children, communication methods, hearing aids, as well as the basics of sign language. Upon completion they were awarded a deaf friendly certificate as part of the Me2 Deaf-friendly Leisure Activities Pledge by the governing body; The National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS).

“At Waves Leisure Pool we firmly believe that swimming should be an inclusive activity open to everyone despite age or disability. We were delighted to attend this course as it is part of our mission to proactively remove any potential barriers to swimming whenever possible,” said Tanya Brimicombe, Waves Leisure Pool Manager.

There are over 45,000 deaf children and young people in the UK. Deafness makes it harder to communicate which can be very isolating. As a result many young deaf people find it difficult to participate in leisure activities in a mainstream setting. NDCS has launched the Me2 campaign to encourage organisations across the country to participate and make their activities deaf friendly. For more information about NDCS visit

To find out more information about deaf friendly swimming lessons at Waves Leisure Pool click here or call Jacquie on 01803 206309.

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